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Wi-Fi Alliance LTE-U Coexistence Test Plan Released

A new Wi-Fi Alliance LTE-U coexistence test plan aims to prove that Wi-Fi and LTE-U (an unlicensed form of LTE) can coexist peacefully in the same spectrum band.

The coexistence test plan sets out the technical specifications that LTE-U and WiFi market participants can use to demonstrate that devices and equipment can share unlicensed spectrum equitably.


Fiber Transmission Rates Now Moving into Terabit per Second Territory

News of a promising new method for boosting optical fiber transmission rates comes from Technical University of Munich. Potentially rates could be increased up to 30%, researchers said.

A team of researchers used a new modulation technique and recorded unprecedented fiber data transmission capacity and spectral efficiency in an optical communications field trial in Germany recently, according to Sept. 16 research news from Technical University of Munich.


Optical Internetworking Forum Plans Global SDN Transport API Demo

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) recently announced its intention to stage a global Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Transport Application Programming Interface (T-API) demonstration this fall. OIF will partner with the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) on the SDN transport API demo, which will promote SDN interoperability testing in carrier labs worldwide. 


GKF: Time Spent Watching TV is 16% Higher Than for All Other Media Combined

Alternative digital TV and movie options continue to pressure incumbent broadcast networks. But newly released U.S. market research from GKF and TVB reveals that time spent watching TV is greater than for all other ad-supported media platforms combined.



Margins Strained from Network Growth?


Expanding broadband services to new markets often requires new operations maturity. Maintaining a high-quality customer experience is critical to this expansion process, and keeping your network healthy is key. Unfortunately, staffing a highly qualified NOC is a huge expense that accounts for the vast majority of cost to provide services.

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