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Download our Infographic on 5G

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April 2017

Broadband Driving Smart Grid Evolution

Smart grid strategies is a topic of conversation at IP Vision next week. Finley’s Andy Heins will round out the panel discussing how broadband data helps drive smart grid evolution. The session, slated for Wednesday, April 12th at 9:20 is titled Smart Grid Strategies: From large scale analytics to smart meters and thermostats in the home, broadband data helps drive the smart grid evolution. 


NG-PON2 Forum Folding into Broadband Forum's New NG-PON2 Council

The Broadband Forum and NG-PON2 Forum have combined forces to form the NG-PON2 Council at what some see as a critical juncture in the development and deployment of next-generation NG-PON2 broadband technology. Interest in NG-PON2 has been rising among operators worldwide as leading organizations carry out lab and field trials with an eye towards accelerating commercial deployments, Broadband Forum notes.    


Machines Are Increasingly Getting Smarter Than Humans, At Least Some Humans

Machines will be able to read and write better than 1 in 7 Americans within the next 10 years, according to a study about human vs. machine learning from Project Literacy and University of Massachusetts, Amherst Professor Brendan O’Connor.


The Fractal Antenna: Making Your Clothes Smart

Based on fractal geometry, a new type of wearable antenna is attracting the attention of “smart” clothing and connected wearable industry players. Fractal Antenna Systems’ CEO says the company is working with customers to design and produce custom wearable tech for smart clothing that’s both durable and cost-effective.


IOT Interoperability, standardization Top of Mind for CES 2017 Participants

Interoperability of “Internet of Things” technology was top of mind for the large majority of CES 2017 attendees, according to a survey conducted by the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) at the trade show. Surveying 250 CES attendees, OCF found that more than 60 percent of respondents said they consider IoT interoperability and standardization, as well as cybersecurity and overall technological innovation, when purchasing connected devices.



5G is More Than Faster Mobile Broadband


Activity regarding the next generation of wireless, 5G, is building significant momentum. Several tier one carriers have already announced pre-standard trials and there are projections that 5G will be widely available by as early as 2020 – just 3 ½ short years away. 

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April/May Shows

IP Vision - IP Vision

IEEE - Rural Electric Power Conference

IBTA - Spring Meeting

MESO - Public Power Conference

KMU - Kansas Municipal Utilities Annual Conference

SHLB - Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband Coalition

APPA - Engineering & Ops Technical Conference

UTC - Telecom and Technology Expo

KTA - Kentucky Telecom Association

Mountain Connect - Broadband Development Conference

Common Ground Alliance - CGA


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