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Communique Newsletter
November 2023

5G Helmet Levels Playing Field for Deaf Football Players

AT&T and Gallaudet University, which serves deaf and hard of hearing students, have introduced a 5G football helmet aimed at enhancing on-field communications.

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Report: 84% of Consumers Had Telehealth Visits
in Past Year

Telehealth has fully established itself as a normal way to access healthcare, according to new research from telehealth systems provider Key Care. Eighty-four percent of consumers say they use telehealth technology to see their regular doctor or an associate doctor.

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Funding For Tribal Broadband Projects:
What you need to know. 

The Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program and the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program have created unprecedented opportunity for Tribal broadband projects. As you pursue your goal of bringing life-changing broadband to underserved Tribal areas, understanding the funding programs, how to apply for grants, and how to form partnerships is vital. 

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Report: Average Mobile Phone User Gets 14 Spam Calls Monthly

The average mobile phone user gets 14 spam calls monthly, according to a report from voice security firm Hiya. The study found that a quarter of unknown calls received are unwanted and believes that artificial intelligence is being put to use by spammers.

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A FCC Rules That E-Rate Can Fund Wi-Fi on Buses

The FCC has announced several steps in allowing E-Rate to support Wi-Fi on school buses. The extension of Wi-Fi on buses is seen as particularly useful for rural students who spend long periods traveling to and from school.

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Finley is a full-service engineering consultancy serving both the Broadband and Energy industries. Our services are end-to-end, helping companies from the initial feasibility study through to the implementation of a project. We work with a variety of client types such as private companies, cooperatives, municipals, large carriers, investor-owned companies and a variety of government entities.

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