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  October 2021
Communique Newsletter

Broadband Forum Announces Wi-Fi Testing Standard

The products and services that service providers introduce, depend in large part upon customer premise equipment (CPE) that can support them without leading to customer disappointment and complaints. The Broadband Forum’s new BBF.398 Grade Wi-Fi testing program aims to help.


Forecast: 5G Fixed Wireless to See Strong Growth Thanks to Lower Equipment Costs

The decreasing costs of 5G fixed wireless consumer premises equipment (CPE) and an increase in the number of vendors and units being produced is expected to double the number of 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) subscribers this year, according to a 5G fixed wireless forecast from Dell’Oro Group.

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GIS Moneyball: Whitepaper

How GIS Can Help Lay the Foundation for an Effective Broadband Launch

When decisions need to be made, the importance of having quality data cannot be understated. However, quality data alone may not be enough. In an environment where the abundance of data becomes overwhelming, there needs to be a way to get at the information that can intelligently inform your decisions.

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MoCA Link 2.5: A New Coax-to-WiFi Bridge

The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) is seeking to provide a connectivity bridge for multimedia over coaxial cable, which the alliance sees as a solution to bringing Wi-Fi to the center of the home without the high cost and the disruption of installing new wiring, which can be significant.

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Smart TVs and Speakers Now in Over Half of Broadband Homes

Smart TVs and smart speakers/displays have reached penetration rates of 56% and 53%, respectively, in U.S. broadband homes, according to Parks Associates.

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