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December 2022  -  Communique Newsletter
Happy Holidays!!

Broadband Forum Aims to Enhance Quality of Experience (QOE) With TR-452.2 Extension

The Broadband Forum has announced the TR-452.2 extension to its Quality Attenuation (QED) framework. The goal is to enable telecom providers to identify and resolve network faults before customers perceive any service issue. Operators will be able to conduct real-world quality attenuation testing such as proactive analysis of network performance and support for customer service troubleshooting.

Fixed Wireless Momentum Driving 35% Growth in Equipment Revenues

Subscriber growth in North America is the major reason that fixed wireless access (FWA) equipment revenues will increase 35% this year, according to a forecast from the Dell’Oro Group. The firm includes both radio access network and consumer premise equipment (RAN and CPE) in the assessment.

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How Vulnerable
Is Your Network?

Electric utilities and broadband networks provide essential services to the communities and regions they serve. Yet, as these core industries, vital to our nation’s infrastructure, progressively continue to overlap into each other’s arenas, new vulnerabilities and security hazards are introduced from the intermingling of systems with divergent structures and missions.

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NTIA Recommends Shift In Privacy Protection Responsibility

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has urged the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to shift the responsibility for consumer privacy protection toward the companies that collect and sell consumer data, rather than relying on consumers to ensure their own protection.

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NTCA 2022 Broadband/Internet Availability Survey Report

NTCA recently released its 2022 broadband/internet availability survey report. The report was conducted to gauge the deployment of broadband networks and the offering of advanced services by its member companies. NTCA represents approximately 850 rural community-based providers that operate networks offering broadband and voice services in 44 states. Source: NTCA Rural Broadband Association. 

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From Start to Finish With Finley 
Finley is a full-service engineering consultancy serving both the Broadband and Energy industries. Our services are end-to-end, helping companies from the initial feasibility study through to the implementation of a project. We work with a variety of client types such as private companies, cooperatives, municipals, large carriers, investor-owned companies and a variety of government entities.

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